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Swing like a pro with our easy to follow classes. Minimum space, time & equipment. Maximum bodily REWARDS.

Starting Strong

Get an awesome workout while learning the pro kettlebell exercises, techniques and tips that squeeze a ton of benefit from every minute and eliminate common discomforts those new to kettlebells or those lacking a pro trainer often experience.

Once you learn the core moves in these 4 classes - the BEST, most important kettlebell exercises ever, you'll be able to approach any of the hundreds of kettlebell exercises in our classes (or anywhere else) safely, and get super-fast results: a strong, toned & healthy body from head to toe, inside and out.

Spotlight: KettleFIT

The notorious F I T. It's sooo hard to stay motivated during videos where the instructor taps out while you're supposed to keep doing the moves. So our videos feature a professional coach narrating the workout while you follow-along with the "pace-setter," who's doing the whole thing with you.

One benefit of following our online workouts rather than coming to live classes is you can do the classes in order! Sure, you can pick & choose your favorite classes, but they are carefully designed as part of a larger program, and you'll get the best results that way.

For example, we've tracked hundreds of members through our "21-Day Challenges" and seen undeniable success, with members often doubling the results of their rep tests in three weeks.

So grab a bell and give it a swing. You won't regret it.

Spotlight: KettleSPORT

Pro Kettlebell is all about using the methods and kettlebell lifting techniques discovered and honed by world-class, professional kettlebell lifters around the world to build super-hero strength without breaking you down.

The object of kettlebell sport is to lift one or two bells as many times as possible within a certain amount of time (usually 5 or 10-minutes).
Many people practice kettlebell sport strictly for the exercise; you're getting explosive strength, cardio and muscular endurance training benefits at once.

Others love the deadlines and challenge a competition provide, and choose to compete in kettlebell sport lifting competitions to achieve the most clean reps within the time limit; good technique is critical.

Either way, try one of these programs for a fun challenge with serious payoffs.

Spotlight: Mash-Up

The "main" kettlebell sport exercises are the clean, jerk and snatch.

While KettleSPORT training classes are going to be focused on lots of reps of these exercises and their ancillary exercises, KettleFIT classes pretty much always have a few minutes of those but are packed with variety. You'll most likely gravitate strongly toward one or the other.

That said, everyone loves a Mash-Up!

Mash-up classes have more cleans, jerks and snatches than a standard KettleFIT class, and a larger variety of fun, coordinating exercises than a standard sport session.

If you know your stuff and are looking to put the kettle-to-the-pedal for a strong & sweaty one-off class, try a Mash-Up now.

But Wait! There's More!

Discover technique classes, body weight classes, mobility classes, and workouts by target or theme... be it "Buns 'n Guns," or "A Lotta Tabata," for example.

We'll debate the unbeatable merits of the almighty kettlebell with anyone, but still, the undeniable "secret" to success is consistency, and you can't be consistent if you don't enjoy the workouts or you can't do them because you're injured.

So, we're adamant about not over-training or doing exercises that are more risk than reward, offering a ton of variety, and making these workouts fast-paced and fun.

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